The only mobile community for public radio listeners.

In September 2014, a fellow journalism student and I decided to join a student competition for extra credit in our Interactive Advertising course. We went in with minimal expectations and came out with an intense 8 months of relentless work and an Android app. Sponsored by the Public Media Platform, we worked as an interdisciplinary team to create the only mobile community for public radio listeners — SoundStir. Our team presented SoundStir to PMP executives in April 2015, receiving first place in the 2015 RJI Annual Student Competition. The three fellow teams in the competition developed a white-label app, Google Chrome plug-in, and an Android app. In May, Team SoundStir traveled to Washington, D.C., to present SoundStir to company executives at PBS, NPR, and PMP corporate offices. 

Essentially, SoundStir is a social medium for public radio. As users listen to content in the app, they are connected with people who share their listening habits. The point of the app is to create a space where people interact with each other around PMP content.

SoundStir was my first in-depth experience with UI design, especially on an Android platform. I loved the challenge of creating something that needed to be beautiful yet simple, multi-functional across devices, and as minimally intrusive to the daily public radio listener as possible. The model we presented could aggregate content from the PMP into a feed, play audio through a media player, and send messages between devices.

SoundStir Team: Rachel KoehnKristofferson CulmerManav SinghalSon Nguyen