If you took a poll from people who know me well, I'm certain the words "passionate" and "fiery" and "stubborn" would likely come up among words to describe me. I jump fully and boldly into all things I do. I don't know what it means to simply 'dip my toes' in the deep end because I'm typically wading the water by the time someone calibrates how deep the deep end actually is. I like words a lot, and I like to use them to make people feel...something. A deep something, a sad something, a joyful something, a vulnerable something. I like art and lettering, and I like to use those skills to make those words that I like so much look a little prettier. 

Other things you should know before you leave this page: my #curlygirl pride runs deep, Drake is the best rapper out there (and you can fight me on that), I love being on a team, and I'll always be hungry for popcorn. Always.

I'd love to flex that design muscle I've got and work with you for any graphic design or hand-lettering needs you may have. Holler at me and let's make pretty things!